We are experts in helping prospective students get into the school of their dreams. There are specific requirements that each individual school needs to accept students. Minimum GPA, SAT, ACT, etc. However, since students and their families are not allowed to talk with coaches until after their Junior year of High School, the students don’t know the criteria and therefore don’t know what school they have a shot of being accepted to.

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Our goal is to not only give the students that information, but also give the coaches the chance to search for fencers they need for their teams that they may not realize are out there. In other words, we put prospective student athletes together with the schools they desire. 


Until until now, coaches have been the intermediary between our students and their choice of colleges. Each school has different criteria based on school, ranking, grades, scores, fencing experience, etc. and very few club coaches understand the recruiting process. There are 47 colleges that have NCAA teams and coaches can’t possibly know the admission requirements of all the schools. Now they don’t have to. This site is your direct link to the schools you want to attend. If you want to find out what Ivy League School you have the GPA for, which school needs Woman’s sabre fencers next year, or if fencing will help you get into college even though you only have your D15 rating? Then you’ve come to the right place.  

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