Fencing School Name11:

Lawrence University

NCAA Team:

Mens, Womens

NCAA Division:

Division 3

Head Coach:

Eric Momberg

Épée Coach:

Foil Coach:

Saber Coach:


Assistant Coach: Diane Momberg

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Department Address:

711 E Boldt. Way, Appleton Wi. 54911

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School Info:

Lawrence University is a liberal arts college in Northern Wisconsin. Lawrence excels in bio sciences and stem fields, pre-med, psychology, music and the arts and offers a wide range of degrees. Lawrence prides itself on small class sizes, individual attention and the ability to customize your studies to fit your perspective life path.

Team Info:

The Lawrence Fencing Team is a two gender team in the North Central Collegiate Conference. The team has produced, all conference, all region and all American fencers over the years as well as qualifying fencers to the NCAA championships.

Training Info:

The Lawrence Fencing Team practices 5 days per week with an emphasis on physical skill development, strength and conditioning in the pre-season. Competition season focuses on tactical application and mental consistency. Lessons are available to all Lawrence fencers and are scheduled during the week in between classes. All team practices are mandatory, lessons are optional.


Physical Skill Development + Strength and Conditioning 5pm-7pm


Fencing + Strength and Conditioning 5pm - 7:30pm


Mental Training or Technical Development + Fencing 5pm - 7pm


Physical Skill Development + Strength and Conditioning 5pm-7pm


Friday - Competition Simulation 5pm - 7pm

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Tournaments Attending:

January NAC 2023
Junior Olympics 2023
U.S. Summer National Championships 2023


Season Schedule:

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Type: Female


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